Karen Miller : Enchantress’ return

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Karen Miller grew in Sydney, Australia. After graduating in child literature, she took on several jobs before starting up her own bookshop specialized in whodunit, fantasy and science-fiction. When she’s not actually writing, she manages a theatre company, stages the play and plays a part in it. She also writes for many horse-riding magazines. took advantage of the “Innocence Lost” (Le Retour du Sorcier) , second book in the “Kingmaker, Kingbreaker” (Prophétie du Royaume de Lur) series, arrival on the shelves to interview her.

The hero from your two-part literary work “Kingmaker/Kingbreaker”, Asher works as a fisherman, a discrepancy with its administrative and prestigious surroundings. Why not picking a farmer or a lumberjack instead? Karen Miller: The only p...